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Now that you’ve absorbed the contents of this book, you’re ready to create a feature-filled, member pleasing, JV partner baiting, money-making, membership site. All you have to do is integrate all the tips, tricks and tactics outlined over the last 22,000 words, and you’re all set. You made notes while you were reading, right?

No? Not to worry. Below is a checklist of all the main strategies; it’s not an exhaustive list, but integrate as many of these as you can and you’ll be well on your way. I’ve ordered the checklist by chapter so you can easily check back and re-read any sections you’re unsure about.

System Settings

• Enter a “Sitename”, a META Description and META.
• Activate “Email Verification” to use confirmed opt-in.
• Activate “Sale and Downline Notifications”. Make your members log in to find out the specifics and include a promotional P.S.
• Leave “First Cookie Gets Sale” unchecked unless you’re running a pre-launch affiliate promotion.
• Activate “Provide Banner URLs” to encourage your affiliates.
• Activate “Member Levels Flow Through” to make constructing member levels easier.
• Set the “Minimum Commission Payment” to approximately $10.
• Split-test two different kinds of sales page. Once you have a clear winner, split-test small changes.
• Add a phpBB forum. Use the forum as a way to interact with your members and as an added feature for a bonus or upsell.
• Go into the phpBB admin area and turn off the option to register from the forum homepage.
• Customise the forum email templates from the phpBB admin area and add P.S. offers.


• Create promotional emails exclusively targeted for your different member levels.
• Create a member level for your JV partners. Provide them with a preferential affiliate commission percentage.
• Create a “Tier 2” affiliate commission for your super affiliates, JV partners and JV broker.
• Ask for the minimum information necessary on your registration page.
• Add a “Phantom Check Box” to your registration page.
• Create a page for people who try to log-in without fully completing the registration process.

One Time Offer (OTO)

• Ensure your OTO is relevant to your main offer.
• Add bonuses to make your OTO more appealing.
• Add a message above the OTO headline to reassure the user that they are in the right place, and that they’re only seconds away from the members area.
• Create a Downsell offer.

Login Offers

• Create offers that are tailored for new members, your existing members, and your VIP members.
• Make good use of the “Display Frequency” so your members have plenty of opportunities to consider your offers.
• Use the “Macros” to customise your offer pages.

Rotating Offers

• Use the Rotating Offers facility for:
• Promoting your most popular affiliate products.
• Taking part in product launches as an affiliate.
• Promoting your internal affiliate program.
• A viral promotion.
• Presenting your members with a gift.
• Consider creating a membership site with the primary purpose of integrating your JV partner’s offers.

Downline Builder

• Vary the types of site that you use in this section and try to include a service, a traffic generation program, and a free product.
• Periodically add new programs to your Downline Builder.

Affiliate Toolbox

• Add at least one item for each of the types of affiliate tool that LFM provides.
• Add a banner or button to the HTML header of each affiliate tool, promoting a relevant program.
• Periodically add a new affiliate tool.


• Create a step-by-step list for new members to follow.
• Consider incentivising the completion of your steps list.
• Create a “welcome” video (or audio) directing new members to your list of steps.
• Make one of your steps, completing the profile page in its entirety.
• On the “Confirm Account Delete” page, add an incentive to remain as a member.
• Promote one or more of your competitors on your “Account Deleted” page.
• Add a promotional offer to your “Login Page”.
• Offer space on your “Login Page” to your JV partners.
• On your “Forgot Your Password” page, add a promotion for software that stores passwords.
• Add a telephone helpline number, a link to your support website, and a trust seal to your “Signup Form Header”.
• Add an affiliate offer to your “Thank You” page.
• Offer space on your “Thank You” page to your JV partners.
• Ensure any offers on your “Thank You” page come at the end of the page, NOT at the beginning.
• Use bullet points, video and scarcity tactics on your upgrade page.
• Add some brief instructions to your “Downline Builder Header”.
• Make good use of “Macros” to personalise your emails.


• Schedule content to be delivered gradually.
• Create an “Unannounced Free Bonuses” page and schedule additional bonuses to be added for long-term members.
• Add a “Recommended Resources” page and include some quality products that don’t have an affiliate program.
• Create surveys for new and long-term members.
• Do some deals with your closest JV partners and offer “Discount Coupons” to your members.
• Use the “Enable Publish Date” feature to create a valid scarcity factor.

PDF Rebrander

• Create a rebrandable report - including giveaway rights - for your members.
• Provide a squeeze page template for giving away the report.
• Add JV partner links to your rebrander.
• Reward your best JV partners with an entire PDF report in the PDF Rebrander section.

The Perfect Membership Site

Just so we’re clear, although I’ve attempted throughout this book to describe the template for the ultimate membership site, I’m not really so arrogant as to believe that my formula is perfect. I’ll continue to develop and improve the LFM script for years to come, and I see no reason why you shouldn’t dream up your own advances for the membership site model.

Although I encourage you to aim to check every box in the previous chapter, I’m also a realist. Attempting to create the perfect membership site before you launch is a sure-fire way to delay your launch for months, or even years. Identify a minimum standard that you can be proud of, and reach this point before you launch. After that, review and work on this list once per week, and aim to tick the rest the boxes over the next few months.

If you already own a membership site, I hope this book has allowed you to identify plenty of ways to improve the functionality and profitability of your site. If you’re just beginning, please, please, please, don’t delay in getting started on your own site. Many membership site scripts (LFM in particular) are easy to use and really do take away a lot of the hard, technical work with which the early Internet Marketers had to wrestle.

Starting a membership site was honestly one of the best business decisions I've ever made. Even when other sales are down, I know I can always count on the income from my membership sites. There have been times when they've literally saved my business.

Every Successful Info-Marketers who's serious about kicking their Information Business on to the NEXT LEVEL has developed a recurring income stream.

Thank you very much for reading. The membership site has been very good to me over the years, and I hope it will be good to you too.

P.S. If you think up a membership site feature that the LFM script doesn’t have and you’d like me to consider including, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at http://akhmediagroup.com/support/

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