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If the Downline Builder concept is new to you, this will knock your socks off. Despite what you may have been told, Network Marketing (also known as Multi-level Marketing) is alive and well and can be used to add a healthy chunk of traffic and income to your membership site.

The basic Network Marketing system is very similar to an affiliate program; you refer someone to a site and, if they join and take action, you receive some kind of benefit, such as page views, advertising credits, or cash. The key difference from a standard affiliate program is that this usually works through multiple levels.

The main reason that Network Marketing has such a poor reputation (aside from the excessive hype and unrealistic promises of instant wealth) is that it usually takes an awful lot of work to see even a small return. This, by itself, shouldn't be a bad thing, but the aforementioned promises of making a quick buck leave many people disillusioned.

Despite the bad press, the reason I saw fit to create an access point for Network Marketing within LFM is because, if done properly, you CAN tap into the power of this market with very little additional effort. I'm not asking you to buy into the hype and the empty promises of overnight riches, but the key is that the time and effort you're already putting into your membership site is already laying the majority of the groundwork that will allow you to get results from even a modest Network Marketing campaign.

My DB system takes very little time to setup and, once it's up and running, it works as an extra cog in your machine, enhancing your traffic and profitability. Here's how'

Choose a handful of your favourite programs and gather your referral link for each one. Vary the types of site that you use in this section and try and include at least one of each of the following:

Service: A website that provides some kind of marketing service, such as website statistics, split-testing, banner creation, and so on.

Traffic Generation: Hit exchanges, list builders, exit-page rotators, etc.

Free Product: A free software or eBook on the front-end, with a paid upsell on the back-end.

You can even include standard affiliate programs for your favourite products; just be careful not to include too many programs that require a payment for entry. The key here is to choose programs that make it easy for new members to get their own referral link.

Once you've selected your programs and gathered your referral links, you're ready to set up your Downline Builder. This is simplicity itself.

1. The Program Id field is to prepare the page for use with the Rebrander tool. We'll come onto this later but, for now, simply enter a single word to describe the website.

2. Enter a couple of lines of text in the Description field. You want your members to join every site in the Downline Builder so make the program sound appealing.

3. Paste the complete referral link into the Program URL field, but replace the unique affiliate number or word with {affid}.

For example, a referral link for my website Instant Squeeze Page Generator, looks like this:

Everyone's referral link appears identical, except for the numbers on the end of the link. Take the numbers off, replace them with {affid} and enter this into the Program URL field:{affid}

4. Finally, enter YOUR affiliate ID (name or number), into the Default Affiliate ID field.

That's all you need to do to have your Downline Builder up and running. Every new member that clicks onto this page will see the list of your recommended websites and each one will only be accessible via your referral link.

The draw for the member is that they can then enter their own referral links for each program so that, when they refer someone to your membership site, they have a shot at referring them to all the sites in the Downline Builder as well.

Because members will be entering their own referral links to display to your new members it may initially seem that you only benefit from users that enter on the top level. However, it's inevitable that many members won't add their referral link to every site in the Downline Builder; they'll skip the ones they don't like or have no interest in. In that instance, the default affiliate id (your affiliate id) will be inserted instead.

Here's an example to make this crystal-clear:

You enter three programs into your Downline Builder:

A) Traffic Exchange
B) Exit Splash Exchange
C) Link Tracking Software

Bill joins your membership site and joins programs A and C in your Downline Builder. You receive referral credit for programs A and C.

Bill refers Ben to your membership site and Ben joins programs A, B and C. Bill receives referral credit for programs A and C, but you receive the referral credit for program B

Crank It Up

Setting the Downline Builder running is so quick and easy to do, but with a little extra effort, you can make this feature even more powerful.

Every so often, when you find a good program, add it to your Downline Builder. Email all of your members to let them know there is a new addition to the Downline Builder page and that they should go and add their referral link as soon as possible. You'll get a nice rush of referrals to your new program AND - once again - you just gave your customers another good reason to login. Make sure you have a good login offer primed and ready.

Another feature that few, if any, other membership scripts provide is the ability to create a PDF out of your Downline Builder, containing your member's referral links. This is a handy bonus for your members that allows them to utilise your Downline Builder, not just by referring people to your membership site, but by giving their PDF away wherever they want. Just as before, any programs in the Downline Builder that they don't complete are automatically filled with your referral link. If you can get your members to start giving this PDF away to their mailing lists, on their blogs, and on their Facebook pages, your referral links will start spreading around the Web, even before people discover your membership site.

The ability to download a PDF version of the Downline Builder can be turned on or off. This means you can make it a standard feature for free members, or you can make it an upgrade incentive.

Cranking up the power of your Downline Builder takes little effort and it offers great long-term results.

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