GeniuXs - Email marketing manager
In frustration I whinged at josh that what we really needed was a robot that would check the stats and say do you know what  you have been a lazy B this month, sales are down you need to do a PROMO special, so I'm going to do it for you.

And this genius robot does just that sets up a promo and sends out the email. Josh being Josh went 10 steps further...

It will check all your stats and determine if there is a problem, if there is it will decide to run a special promotion to fix it, and do it automatically.

Its also smart enough to check you haven't already sent out a promo to your members, if you have it will stand down. As A bonus it completely revamps the internal mailer and gives you an autoresponder system directly in your own admin

Nicknamed the GodMod Because Everyone Who Has It Installed Say's The Same Thing...OH MY GOD This Makes Failing As A SITE Owner Almost Impossible