Knowledge is Power

How difficult is it to make money online? That depends on your perspective.

If youíve been making money online for years, then you probably think itís pretty easy. But if youíve never made a penny, then you may well think itís up there with rocket science and brain surgery.

The truth is that most things in life look complexÖ until you study them a little closer. Through study and practice, tasks that once seemed horrendously tricky, gradually become simpler, and simpler. Once youíve been doing something for years, you tend to forget how puzzling it was to begin with and you accomplish it without a second thought.

And yes, if you were to put this to a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon, they would most likely tell you exactly the same.

Think back to new skills and abilities that youíve picked up over the years, whether itís driving a car, learning to swim, or figuring out the remote control of your new TV. Remember how daunting they seemed at first, but how quickly they became second nature? The majority of the time, once youíve learned how, things are much, much easier than you think.

So when I tell you that making money online is simple, I donít say this because Iíve been blessed with some extraordinary gift or talent for manipulating the Internet to siphon money into my bank account. I learnt a way to make money online and I practised, and I practised, until it became easy.

Can it become easy for you as well? Absolutely! The only difference between you and me, at this point, is knowledge and experience. I can give you the knowledge and, if you practise what you learn, then youíll gain the experience as a matter of course.

If youíre still doubtful, put me to the test.

One of the most common problems that budding online entrepreneurs run into is a lack of traffic. Thatís a pretty sizeable problem when you think about it. You could have the best product in the world and a sales page written by a copywriting genius, but unless you can direct a significant amount of traffic to your website, then your PayPal account will remain empty.

Your friends and family may be in awe of the website youíve put together but then, so what. Youíre not trying to sell to your friends and familyÖ unless youíve become really desperate.

I think, at the very least, we can agree that traffic is a significant issue with which many people struggle.

Yet Iím willing to bet that, by the time youíve finished reading JUST the next couple of pages, youíll have a totally new perception of Web traffic and youíll start to realise just how simple this really is. And if I can accomplish that in just a couple of pages, imagine what youíll be capable of after reading the entire book!

Knowledge is power; read the next section and I can guarantee that making money online will feel a little easier than it did ten minutes ago.

Re Directing Traffic

If youíre going to tackle the issue of traffic, the first thing you must do is understand the nature of the problem. This may sound like an obvious thing to say but I see a lot of people struggling in this area because they havenít really thought about what it is theyíre trying to accomplish. Clear away any preconceptions you might have and just go with me for a few moments.

First, and most important, you must understand that the concept of creating traffic is a myth. Hence, the title of this section being called, not Creating Traffic, but rather, Directing Traffic. You may think this is merely a semantic distinction but if you can truly grasp this concept it will open your eyes to the reality of Internet activity.

Web traffic isnít created; itís just a naturally occurring phenomenon of the Internet-savvy 21st century. People all over the world are going online more frequently and for longer and longer periods of time. In fact, thanks to mobile Internet access, you could say that many people are online 24 hours a day.

The truth of the matter is that to truly CREATE traffic you would have to contact a person offline and then convince them to power up their PC, connect to the web, and then visit your website. Even direct marketing and telesales operations who aim to accomplish traffic creation in this way wonít usually convince someone to drop everything and go online that instant. In practice, all they can hope to do is plant an idea in someoneís mind so that, the next time they log in to check their email, they remember to visit the promoted website.

When marketers say they want to create traffic, what they really mean is that they want to direct traffic to their website. At any given moment in time there exists Internet traffic made up of millions of people that are either surfing randomly or online for a specific purpose. Rather than trying to do the impossible and manifest visitors out of the ether, tap into these existing hordes of traffic and divert some of them your way.

Think like a hot dog vendor for a moment. Does a hot dog vendor set up his cart in the middle of nowhere and then send out leaflets hoping to attract visitors? Of course not! He goes where there is ALREADY an abundance of people, establishes a visible position, and starts pulling traffic his way. To begin with, most people will be on their way somewhere, and just stop to grab a hot dog before continuing on their journey. But eventually, some of the regular foot traffic in that area will start to go out of their way to buy a hot dog for their lunch.

Thereís a very good chance that youíre not in business online to sell hot dogs but the principle is the same. Find places that already enjoy a large volume of regular visitors and convince some of that traffic to make a stop-off at your website.

As a really quick exercise, grab a pen and paper and make a list of all the places you visit online more than once a month. Donít worry about making an exhaustive list, just scribble down as many as you can think of. Once youíre done read through your list and imagine yourself travelling through the Internet to each place on your list.

What youíve created is an overview of the routes you regularly travel through on the Internet. Every person who goes online on a regular basis will be able to plot their own individual course. The purpose of this exercise is to try and visualise Internet traffic as a constantly moving stream of people, and start to think about how you can insert your self into their field of vision.

Over the course of this book Iím going to teach you, literally, dozens of different ways to successfully direct traffic to your website. Many of them are easy to understand and simple to set up. Before we get into these specifics, however, reflect for a moment how powerful this knowledge is and how greatly this can change your approach to driving customers to your website.

The idea of, trying to create as little as 100 visitors, from scratch, is a daunting prospect. But going to where there are already TENS of THOUSANDS of people and directing less than 1% of them to go your way for a little while? That soundsÖ dare I say itÖ easy.

A Solid Foundation

Iíve created, tested and catalogued dozens of different ways to successfully direct traffic, and they all have one thing in common. Theyíre all based on a single foundation, on top of which I sell products, build my mailing lists, and organise profitable joint ventures. Virtually every aspect of my online empire is constructed upon this specific strategy.

Would you like to know what it is?

As much as I would like to just come out and say it, if I do, I know that a small, but significant, portion of my readers will hurl the book across the room and refuse to pick it up again. Not because what Iím about to reveal is controversial, but because there are many assumptions and prejudices about this online platform that will lead some to assume either that this is going to be too difficult, or that theyíve already heard this one before.

So allow me to cut off these objections before I arise.

Itís NOT difficult, and much of what you may already
have heard is misleading or incorrect.

Before reading the next paragraph, please resolve to suppress any prejudices and hear me out in full. Ready? Here it is:

Every brick of my growing, and extremely profitable, online business, is built upon straightforward, but carefully designedÖ membership sites.

Whether Iím selling a product or service, building a mailing list of customers, or establishing joint ventures, using a membership site as the basis allows me to direct more traffic; and makes me more money up front, more money on the back end, more money from repeat business and more money from affiliate sales. It even helps me to arrange joint ventures with other successful Internet marketers, even if they happen to have a larger mailing list.

Iím fully aware that this may sound like exaggeration or hype, but I really canít overstate the significance of the membership website model. Selling a product or service via any other method is denying your business multiple streams of income and opportunities to expand your online empire.

I call this model Login Frequency Marketing (LFM); in these pages Iím going to reveal every last detail of how this system works and how you can duplicate my success. Iím holding absolutely nothing back. In your hands is the opportunity to discover a method that works in virtually any niche, and has proved its effectiveness for me, and for hundreds of my students.

But before I get too far ahead of myself, Iíd like to begin by allaying some of the fears or misgivings you may have about the membership site model. This is going to be far, far, easier than you think.

Dispelling the Myths

The typical response to the suggestion of starting a membership site is hesitation or dismay, primarily because of the way this model has been portrayed in mainstream discussions. Donít be intimidated by the idea of owning a membership website. Contrary to popular belief, membership sites do not always involve a monthly commitment to creating new content, and they donít always have to convince prospects to sign up for a continuity plan.

Here are the key points I want you to absorb:

ē Your member site does not necessarily have to promise new content each month.
ē You can profit immensely without charging a recurring monthly fee.
ē A successful membership site can be built around any product or service!
ē Installing and configuring a membership site isnít complex (it can even be outsourced for peanuts)
ē Above all, a membership site is a powerful delivery mechanism!

This particular delivery system can bring you eager JV partners, residual income, instant traffic, and a responsive mailing list. For these and other reasons I believe the membership model is absolutely the most effective avenue for building an unstoppable online business. A membership site following the LFM strategy can greatly enhance the results of even the most basic campaign. Allow me to illustrate just one brief example of how this works.

Letís say you want to build a mailing list by giving away a free report. Rather than just using an autoresponder to collect signups and sending the download link via email, you can place your gift inside a secure members area.

Member registration forms take about the same time to complete as email subscription forms, and prospects who really want your free information will be happy to fill out a couple of extra fields. Once the process is complete your membership software can add the new signups directly into the email autoresponder database of your choice.

When your new subscriber/member logs in to collect their gift, you can take them through an entire series of paid offers before they arrive in the main members area. As this person has just taken positive action by requesting something from you, they are ideal prospects for an exciting offer. If a member chooses not to buy the first offer, you can show them a ďsecond chanceĒ pitch that gives them specially reduced pricing.

This is just one way to use the login mechanism to increase your profits. Itís such a simple strategy, yet it allows you to literally get paid while you build your list! Because you have a login mechanism in place, you can pull those same people back into the system and walk them past new offers anytime you like; all you have to do is add more free content or gifts to the download area. Send an email inviting members to login and collect a new bonus youíve just added, and watch the money roll in as a percentage of them also make a purchase.

Iím going to show you a myriad of different ways that the membership site model can be used to present additional offers to your members but remember I said that this can also help you establish joint ventures? Turn the page to find out how.

Joint Venture Leverage

I discovered early on that a simple login page allowed me to become incredibly successful in terms of recruiting powerful, joint venture partners. It occurred to me that, as well of driving my own traffic backwards and forwards through my membership system, I could also direct traffic generated by other successful marketers. Youíve probably heard this before and if youíre like most, youíll say it sounds impossibleÖ but itís not. In fact pulling traffic from existing sources is surprisingly easy once you have a plan and some leverage. The key word here is leverage; you need something prospective partners want.

Your membership site, however simple, gives you legitimate, virtual real estate to leverage in joint venture and cross-promotion discussions. The very fact that youíve put in the small amount of work required to set up a membership site tells prospective partners that youíre serious and intelligent. Professional marketers instantly understand the value you can offer with the basic membership process. As new people register for your site, and especially as they log in repeatedly, they can be exposed to promotions and offers at various intervals.

You can approach a marketer in your niche that has a big mailing list and offer to place an advert for their product on your login page. This way all your members are guaranteed at some point to see the promotion. Many of them will be exposed to it multiple times. As your membership grows, more and more prospects will have the opportunity to respond to your joint venture partnerís advert.

As long as your site looks good, your product is of a quality nature, and you conduct yourself in a professional manner, youíll be pleasantly surprised to get positive responses from many of the potential partners you approach. Marketers like the idea of having their adverts posted in private member areas; thereís just something exclusive about this kind of access to another entrepreneurís members.

Marketers also appreciate the benefits of receiving ongoing promotion over a long period of time. To increase the number of positive responses you receive to your joint venture invitations, you can over-deliver by offering a PERMANENT advert placement in exchange for just 1-2 email broadcasts. Even if youíre just starting out and only have a small existing membership, you can tempt marketers with the promise of long-term promotion. All they have to do is run a couple of promotional emails for you now and theyíll be assured of being placed in the line of sight of all of your members, maybe for years to come.

Essentially what youíre doing here is offering virtual real estate, much like an agency that sells billboard space along the highway. How many other methods of directing traffic can you think of that allow you to snag attractive, joint venture partners without the need to own a large mailing list or a popular website? By using a simple rotator script to display ads from multiple partners, I easily lined up reciprocal email promotions from many people and, over time, I received a substantial flow of traffic from those mailings.

This tactic takes a little time to pay off but itís totally worth it. Iíve built four separate six-figure businesses and a mailing list of over 160,000 readers using this easy cross-promotion model.

By setting up these ad placements with just a handful of partners youíll be able to direct a substantial amount of traffic in a very short period of time. By offering some sort of free gift or membership, youíll convert this traffic into qualified email subscribers, providing long-term profitability for you and giving you increased leverage for brokering future deals. Offering a lifetime advert in exchange for a couple of one-time email promotions will help you get your foot in the door in the beginning. Once youíre enjoying a steady stream of traffic and a healthy pool of members youíre in a position to broker better deals that are weighted in your favour.

With proper use of LFM, your traffic problems can be effectively erased. Whatever youíre trying to accomplish, a membership site can be strategically adjusted to help your reach your goal.

In the last couple of pages Iíve revealed just two of the advantages that come with the membership site system. There are many more techniques to share with you, as well as many variations of this theme. Hopefully, by now, youíre starting to get a glimpse of the potential that membership sites have to offer.

Login Frequency Marketing

Iíve already started to open your eyes to the power of Login Frequency Marketing but, just in case thereís any doubt, let me spell out the strategy.

Log-In: Create a membership site that requires users to log-in to perform various actions or obtain certain information.

Frequency: Create lots (and lots) of different reasons to persuade your members to log-in, again, and again, and again.

Marketing: Along the way, use well-established marketing techniques to present enticing offers to your members.

Is this the only way to make money online? Of course not. But unlike most ďmake money onlineĒ strategies floating around, LFM:

ē Works consistently for experienced and novice marketers.
ē Uses techniques that are easy to setup and, in many cases, only requires a one-time action to benefit from indefinitely.
ē Provides measureable activity that you can periodically test and improve.
ē Can be outsourced almost entirely.
ē Can be replicated over time to add more and more streams of list building and income opportunities.

If youíve never tried making money online before, then count yourself extremely lucky that youíre going to be starting off with such a fantastic system. If youíve already tried and failed with other ďmake money onlineĒ systems than you can rest assured that youíve finally found a stable, sensible approach that is built on solid and ethical business strategies.

Finally, before we get into the nuts and bolts of LFM, Iíd like to address one final issue. Through the course of this book Iím going to be using my own LFM membership site software as a working example of the LFM strategy. In fact this book virtually doubles up as a user manual for my LFM software customers. So the question that may be coming to mind is:

ďWill the LFM strategy ONLY work with the LFM membership site software, or can these techniques be used with any membership script?Ē

Or, if youíre of a more cynical nature:

ďIs the LFM strategy just an excuse to plug my software?Ē

Letís be brutally honest here, with the best will in the world, I canít be totally objective about a piece of software that I have spent many years and many thousands of dollars to build and develop. The LFM script is the result of a lot of hard work and, by using the software in association with my LFM strategy, Iíve made a lot of money. Of COURSE Iím going to say that my product is the best tool for the job, and of COURSE Iím going to use the LFM script to demonstrate the LFM strategy in action.

Look at it like this. The original design of the LFM membership site software and the improvements and modifications Iíve made over several years, have all been inspired by the LFM strategy. Itís only to be expected that my software is going to be the best tool for the job.

Can you use the LFM strategy with other membership scripts? Sure you can. Will they do the job as well as the LFM software? Frankly, no. But, hey, if you already own membership sites that run on someone elseís software, I hope youíll consider trying my software at some point, but I quite understand if for the time being you would rather just implement some of the LFM strategy using your existing infrastructure. This book will still provide you with ideas and tactics that you can implement to increase your profits.

If you donít yet own a membership site, then I urge you to use the LFM script for your first website. It might be tempting to try some free or budget software, but in the long run, youíll only make a lot more work for yourself trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.

The simple truth of the matter: If you want to get the best results from the LFM strategy and you want to implement every last money-making tip in this book, then the LFM software is the best way to accomplish this.

Whatever you decide, Iím extremely confident that youíre about to discover some fantastic new methods for building and growing your online business. Turn the page and letís get straight into the good stuff.

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