LFM PDF Rebrander Module Ten

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 PDF Rebrander

The concept is simple. A PDF report is offered that features various promotional links. Your customers provide their personal affiliate links, and the PDF is adjusted to feature those links in all the appropriate places. The customer is then free to sell or give away their freshly-rebranded PDF.

A “PDF Rebrander” is a feature that I wanted in LFM for a very long time. Rebrandable PDFs have a highly perceived value because they represent, not only content that your customers can give away or sell, but content that has already been imbued with a measure of profitability.

But there’s a problem. PDF rebranding technology, despite being around for many years, is still far from user-friendly. I won’t bore you with the technological reasons for this (mainly because I don’t really understand them) but suffice to say that I was determined not to make a “PDF Rebrander” a feature of LFM until I’d figured out a way to overcome these difficulties.

Lest you think I’m exaggerating the problem, consider this: the most popular PDF rebranding software on the market still requires the user to download and install a software application before they can even get started. To be fair, for most people, this isn’t an especially complicated process, it’s just not a particularly streamlined one. When it comes to getting your customers to take action, the more hoops you ask them to jump through, the more likely it is that they will give up half-way through the process, or not even bother at all.

The, unsurprising, twist to this story is that the LFM elves figured out how to accomplish my goals for this technology… and then some. Here’s the result:

1) This is the big one. The PDF rebranding and downloading process is all handled by the LFM script, on the server level. This means the user is NOT required to download any software. Once you’ve set up and activated this facility, your members can download a rebranded PDF with just one click!

2) The “PDF Rebrander” works in tandem with the “Downline Builder”. You may remember that, when creating a new entry for the “Downline Builder” page, you’re asked to enter a keyword in the “Program Id” field. When you create the PDF that is going to be used in the rebrander, if you use these “Program Id” keywords, the rebrander will automatically pull in the affiliate links. This means that, if your member has previously filled in some or all of the “Downline Builder” fields, then no further action is required for them to make use of the “PDF Rebrander”. Now THAT’S what I call streamlined!

3) One of the choices you have when setting up your “PDF Rebrander” is whether or not to make the rebranded PDF available through a public download link. Selecting this option means that your members can simply copy the download link and paste it directly onto their blog, their website, into their emails and wherever else they wish to use it.

The alternative is to require the member to download the PDF, save a copy to their hard drive, upload it to their own server, and so on. The “public download” option is going to save your members an awful lot of time and effort and, remember, this is about reducing the number of hoops.

4) As already mentioned, when you create the PDF that is going to be used in your rebrander, you’ll be loading it up with tags based on the keywords you specified in the “Downline Builder”. The one exception to this is when you’re setting an affiliate link for the membership site in which your “PDF Rebrander” resides. In this instance, you’ll be using the tag, “zzzSELFzzz”. This is recognised by the LFM script as an instruction to automatically insert the user’s referral id.

This is primarily so that you’re not faced with the pointless scenario of having to add your own membership site to your “Downline Builder”. In terms of ease of use, however, this also means that, even if your member hasn’t completed the “Downline Builder”, the “PDF Rebrander” can still add their affiliate link for your website in the appropriate places. If your PDF report is purely designed to promote your site then this represents another saving of your member’s time.

More Value

The simplicity of the “PDF Rebrander” can easily mislead you into underestimating how highly this feature will be valued by your members. The LFM control panel allows you to specify which member levels can only download your reports, and which member levels can also rebrand the reports with their own affiliate links. This means that the rebranding feature can be pitched as a bonus or a perk that only comes with upgraded member levels.

It’s important that you present the “PDF Rebrander” correctly and help your members to properly understand its full value. Here are just three of the strategies you can suggest to your members:

Squeeze Page: Building an email list is, or at least should be, one of the goals of every online business owner. A PDF report is the perfect gift to offer in exchange for an email address so, by providing a rebrandable report with giveaway rights, your members have a major piece of the puzzle, all ready to use. You can enhance this suggestion even further by giving away a squeeze page template.

Unadvertised Bonus: For advanced members that already have their own website, a PDF report is suitable for them to give away to their members as an unadvertised bonus. All they have to do is add the link to their download page or membership site and they get the goodwill from their members, coupled with the opportunity to profit from the rebranded affiliate links.

Giveaway Rights: You can create a viral effect with your PDF by allowing your members to pass on “Giveaway Rights” to their own customers. Once everyone and anyone can pass the PDF around and upload it to their websites, your report will start to pop up in places you didn’t even know existed. For fun, create a Google Alert (www.google.com/alert) for the name of your report and you’ll discover your report appearing in all sorts of far-flung places. This strategy is all about spreading your promotional links further and, don’t forget, if your customer has left any of the “Downline Builder” fields blank, then your affiliate links are used by default.

Send Your JV Partners Viral

Just in case there weren’t enough promotional locations in the LFM script that can be used to forge strong JV partnerships, the rebrander offers another juicy location and with an angle that virtually no-one else can provide.

Any JV partner worth his salt will understand how the rebrander works and the power of their website links going viral. There are two approaches to this depending on how much you want to offer:


1) Add their link to your “Downline Builder”. This provides exposure to your members and, if you tie in a PDF, your JV partners links will also be distributed through the viral effects of the rebrander.

2) Put an entire PDF report, specific to your JV partner, in the “PDF Rebrander”, and the viral potential will impress even the most reluctant marketer. If you really want to impress a JV partner, you could even offer to create a report for them, based on one or more of their programs. If you’re willing to go that extra mile for your partners, you will get noticed and people will talk about you, raising your profile.

To my mind, this second option is the ultimate JV partner bait. Save this offer for the most elusive marketers; if you can’t get a positive response from this, then you may as well move on to your next prospect.

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