Rotating Offers Module Five

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Rotating Offers

From this location you can create even more offer pages that are shown to the members when they log in. Input as many as you want and then assign a display percentage to each one to designate how frequently each offer should be displayed. For example:

Offer 1: 50%
Offer 2: 25%
Offer 3: 25%

This would have the effect of presenting Offer 1 during every other login, whereas Offer 2 and Offer 3 would each be shown once during every fourth login.

At first glance, this feature may seem like a mere extension of the OTO and Login Offers facility, but Rotating Offers serves a much more specific purpose. One of the core differences of this section is that the payment button, when clicked, opens in a new window. This means you can present offers that are unconnected to your membership site, and your customers can purchase without being blocked from entering the members area.

This brings us back to the ďJoint Venture LeverageĒ section in the first module. One of your most exclusive pieces of virtual real estate is the space between the login page and the members area. Providing you have enough traffic to make it worthwhile, you can create as much real estate as you like, simply by adding more offers into rotation.

This is arguably the most valuable exchange you can offer to your JV partners. Because the rotating offers are shown during the login process, each member is forced to view and acknowledge each presentation. Save this space for your most valued JV partners.

If you really want to supercharge the number of JV partners who promote you, itís worth your while to create a membership site with the primary purpose of integrating your JV partnerís offers. Create a free offer on the front-end and work hard to get the conversion rate as high as possible. Once youíve maximised the flow of traffic through this membership site, place the majority, if not all, of your JV partner promotions in all the various locations weíve previously discussed. In return, you ask your JV partners to promote, not your free membership sites, but your money-making membership sites.

Effectively, youíll be creating a three-sided promotion.

Your JV partners get the majority of the advertising space on one of your membership sites, leaving you free to promote solely your own offers on your other sites.

Of course, JV leverage is just one of the ways to use the RO facility. Here are some more ideas:

1) Affiliate Product offers: Choose 3-5 of your most popular (and highest converting) affiliate products and create an offer page for each one. Instead of inserting a payment button at the end of the page, create a link to the sales page of the product. Think of it like sending backend offers via email except, instead of boring text-based emails, you can create an exciting HTML offer page with images and video.

One of the trickiest hurdles in promoting affiliate offers by email is getting your members to open the email in the first place (get 20% to open your emails and youíre doing extremely well). Delivering your promotion as an RO is a way to ensure ALL members see your affiliate offers, as long as they have a good reason to log in.

2) Product Launches: Take part in a product launch as an affiliate and you can craft a nice-looking offer page, instead of simply sending the same, tired, hype-filled emails that everyone else is using. Itís easier to find a reason for someone to log in and get them to see your offer than it is to convince them to open, read, and act on an emailed promotion.

Thatís not to say you can just throw up any old sales-pitch. You need to craft your offer page carefully, using sensible marketing techniques. And, yes, a well-crafted and relevant bonus is still the key to getting the best results. Get this right and you could soon find yourself scoring high rankings in the JV launch competitions.

3) Affiliate Activation: If youíre struggling to turn your members into hyperactive affiliates, try dedicating a page to selling the benefits of your affiliate program. Explain the incentives for taking part and provide tips on the easiest way to get started. One of the macros available will allow you to insert the userís affiliate link directly onto the page. Make good use of this to get your members actively promoting your site.

4) Viral Promotion: Viral marketing software works on the principle of offering an incentive (usually some kind of freebie) in exchange for the email addresses of friends, or a tweet with a link, or a Facebook shout-out, or a blog post, and so on. The user receives the freebie simply for taking part, regardless of whether their efforts convert into sales for you. As a result they usually convert well and you can consequently create an endless wave of links and emails, spreading out across the Internet. Present your viral campaign as one of your ROs and youíll get your promotion in front of more of your members. A really successful viral campaign can create an endless cycle of new members, creating new members, who create new membersÖ

5) Give a Gift: Why not shake things up and present your members with something they wonít be expecting? Create a simple page, thanking your members for their custom and giving them a free gift. This is a stylish way to enhance customer loyalty and retention and will ensure that, in future, your members will pay more than the usual attention to your login offers.

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