The Most Important Metric You Can Measure

At the end of the day, your return-on-investment is the most important metric that you can measure. And tracking your conversions is the only way to measure and improve this metric.

Fail to track your conversions and you're almost certainly wasting money that could be better spent else where

Track Your profits Using This Plugin

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It surprises me that most small and medium sized businesses donít appreciate how important tracking conversions can be. Even if your campaign is currently running at a profit, you can still enjoy a huge increase in your profit margins if you can easily identify campaigns that work from those that donít.

The LFM tracker Mod's in-depth reporting features will provide you with a revealing in-sight into all aspectís of your websitesí performance. Theyíll show how visitors interact with your site, allowing you to build a valuable picture of how each of your affiliate tools perform.

Once The LFM tracker Mod is installed you will finally begin to realize what campaigns are converting at a profit and which are wasting your cash. You can then spend most of your time improving your return-in-investment on those that work best and gradually remove the ones that never convert.

In this way youíll soon start to reduce the amount of waste in your campaigns, making them more efficient and you will then start to see your profits dramatically increase without the need for a single extra sale.


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