Run Webinars Inside Your Members Area Using This Plugin

We were Tired of handing out URL's to webinar sites like goto webinar, and watching as viewers forgot to come or didn't show up and we lost them forever!

Now we make them join our membership site to watch webinars, we get them on the list and remind them the day before. And require them to log in to our site to watch the webinar keeping them in our sphere of influence. Which is why we recommend GVO Conferencing

We created a special plugin for LFM to run webinars inside a membership site so we can force the members to login to our sites to watch the webinar. Giving us the opportunity to run them past a pre webinar offer

No software downloads required for participants, which means a higher percentage of your registered participants will join the webinar

Here’s a Neat Little Trick to Create Sales BEFORE the Free Webinar…

If your lead-generation page does its job and converts well, then you should get a flood of people joining your list so they can join your free webinar. Most marketers miss a huge opportunity right here. Instead of making money, they just let their attendees sit on the webinar list for the few days or the week leading up to the webinar.

Here's what you should do instead...

Create a confirmation page and/or confirmation email that thanks participants for joining the webinar. Remind them of the benefits of the webinar. And give them the details they need such as time and date of the webinar, how to log in, and how to contact you if they have any questions.

Now here’s the trick that puts money in your pocket: Give your prospects "homework" to do before the webinar starts. And you do this by telling them to login to their members area download and read a pre webinar report so that they’re ready to participate in the conference, ask questions, etc.

When they login you can offer prospects the same product you'll be promoting on the call. To sweeten this offer, give a limited time discount. Or better yet, make it a one-time offer. If they don’t take you up on the offer right now (on the webinar confirmation page, or when they login), they'll need to buy the product at a higher price later.

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Note: If you offer a discount on the product at the end of the webinar, be sure this is a generous discount… but not as generous as the one offered during the "one time offer."

Do this, and you can expect to make money long before your webinar even starts!

Note: This why we recommend GVO Conferencing as the conference solution because they give you a JS script that integrates with the LFM mod to get them registered in your membership site giving you access to the offers system in LFM

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